Argos K9 Service Dog Training – Changing Lives one K9 at a Time

Argos K9 is a nonprofit organization providing families in need with a K9 who will bestow a greater quality of life (Federal EIN No. 81-1334945, Minnesota No. 871177800023-NP).

Did you know that dogs have the innate ability to anticipate human emotions?

It’s true. The bond between humans and dogs has grown deeper over the past few centuries, and dogs continue to find new ways to prove how invaluable they are to us.

The skillset of a well-trained K9 is only restricted by our limitations of communicating with them and helping them understand what we want them to do. That’s where Argos K9 comes in. We work to bridge that communicate gap between dogs and their owners, so that their unique abilities and skill-sets can change their owners’ lives.

There are very few things that a human will – or should – entrust their lives to. Highly trained dogs are one of them.

At Argos K9, we are committed to providing your family with a special, highly trained K9 who will earn your trust and give your family a greater quality of life.


Argos K9 works tirelessly to train the dogs that will not only assist you or someone you love, but that will also become an invaluable part of your family! Our K9s can aid those with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Autism Spectrum Disorders, Diabetes, Seizures and more.

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Our Process

Our training process has been carefully planned to best serve both you and your new K9 companion. Click the link to see the steps we make to ensure that the training is successful and that the needs of both your family and your dog are met.

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As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support of people like you to ensure that service dogs are connected with those who need them most. Make a one-time donation, or become an Argos Partner, and become part of someone else’s journey toward healing!

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Whether a K9 is being trained to help an autistic child, aid an individual suffering from PTS, protect a home, or help out with other service needs, at Argos K9, we train a dog who is not only able to perform its job, but who also will become an incredible companion!

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